Monday, April 18, 2011

The Magic of Disney

A family friend was recently at Walt Disney World and found out the Magic of Disney.  On their second or third day at the park they headed back to the room for a mid day break.  Once in the room they noticed that their camera was missing.  Obviously this was upsetting.  Not so much because the camera was gone but because the memories on the camera where gone; the past two day’s events, Christmas, a birthday, and so much more.  They immediately reported the lost camera to lost and found and went to the gift shop to look at their options of a new camera.  While there one of Disney's Amazing Cast Members asked where they last remembered having the camera.  After some thought they had an idea that they left it while having their picture taken with Mary Poppins.  The cast member then said "Believe in the Magic of Disney." Just before bed that night they received the phone call that their camera was found and once again the Magic of Disney prevailed!

This is just one of the many stories about the Magic of Disney but the outcomes are always the same.  Believe and the mouse will take care of you!  It is stories like this that keep me coming back to Walt Disney World year after year.  Not only does Disney World bring smiles to the faces of little children, it brings families together and even starts families with countless proposals in front of the castle.  If you haven't experienced the Magic yourself talk with someone who has been there and I am sure you will find it.

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Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your own stories in the comments because their are some days I need to be reminded of the Magic.

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